How Your Skin Benefits From Active Play And Exercise

Adult life is most certainly not without its strains and stresses. Getting the balancing act right with your professional life, life at home with the family, and especially for those who have kids, trying to keep a healthy social life; it can get quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, stress will affect every aspect of our life, right from the physical, and jumping right into the psychological realms. For more information about how bouncy castle hire in Sydney please follow this link

One of the physical effects includes the damage that stress can have on your skin health. Yes, leaving your stress levels unchecked can and will wreck absolute havoc on your skin. As a coping mechanism, your body will produce significant amounts of stress hormones, chiefly cortisol, when you are tense.

This hormone, in large amounts over a sustained period of time will stimulate the skins sebaceous gland to produce more oil. The oil, sebum, is great for protecting the skin from bacteria and keeping the skin hydrated, but it is colonized by acne-causing bacteria and the clogging that the extra production allows for only makes this colonization much easier. The results? Constant acne break outs, which may be accompanied by varying levels of inflammation.

Secondly, if you suffer from chronic skin conditions and related disorders, you may have more than likely, noticed that whenever your stress levels are beyond the roof, your symptoms tend to really flare up. Eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin disorders are very sensitive to stress levels and an anxiety attack, and the strain stemming from something similar will be the perfect trigger to get the symptoms flaring.

Lastly, the stress hormone cortisol can also do quite a number on you when it comes to enhancing all that comes with the skins natural ageing process. You are looking at wrinkles and aging lines that are more pronounced, a loss of elasticity and radiance that is evident from miles off, plenty of age spots and a dullness to your skin that can be quite off-putting. Looking to age with grace? Then you best check on your stress.

Don’t Play It Down, Play It Off

Realizing that your skin is under attack, your first move will more than likely be to rush and get the best skin care products there are in the market, and put every deliberate effort into ticking with a strict skincare regimen. Both may help, but they can only do so much, especially when the root cause of your skin problems, the stress, remains unaddressed.

What better way to unwind, relax and free up your mind from all the stress than with play? The next time you see a bouncing castle, run towards it, let your hair down and spend some time jumping up and down. Your mind and body, and especially your skin, will most definitely thank you for it later. Adult bouncing castles and other play inflatables are a great way to not only have fun, but to relieve stress.

Taking some time out to engage in active play will do a lot to manage stress. With every little effort that you put into managing your stress, you can be sure you will be doing a lot for your skin.

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