Hiring Policy

We have many kinds of Bouncy Castles in four styles: Preschool, Large, Large 5 in 1 Combination and Indoor/Outdoor 3 in 1 Combination Bouncy Castles that deliver the fun. These are high-quality commercial inflatables that will make kids laugh and have a great time.

Choose your Bouncy Castle Rental – Combination Jumps all include slides. Look at our main page and choose the Game that you like best, then call or email us, and we’ll do the rest. We guarantee we will be on time, with free delivery, set up and pick up in our service area. We also guarantee clean and sanitized bouncers.

ll we need from you is a flat space large enough for the bouncy (preferably on grass so we can spike it down) and a regular 15 amp. Household outlet to plug the blower into. Another option would be on a driveway, as long as there isn’t too much slope. Allow space for the inflatable plus an additional 6 feet for the step and blowers. There must also be sufficient overhead clearance. Some of the inflatables need as much as 18 feet clearance overhead.

No Risk Weather Policy
Weather is beyond anyone control! When we have severe weather (e.g. high winds, rain, etc.) we will give you the option of keeping the Bouncy Castle rental or not. In order to cancel the contract, there will be no charge, but if you choose to keep Bouncy Castle, there will be no refund.

Safety Rules
An adult must supervise the Bouncy Castle at all times.
NO FOOD, GUM, CANDY, or DRINKS allowed in the inflatables.
No climbing on the inside or out walls of the Bouncy Castle.
Do not use SILLY STRING anywhere near the game.
Children of the same approximate age and size should play at the same time in the game.